Learning Through Living History

By the time your little one is entering or about to enter school, you will have read and been told a hundred thousand times that children learn and retain knowledge easiest through pretend play. Have you ever thought about how much you can expand on that?

Pretend play doesn’t have to be about playing house or coffee shop and learning just colors, numbers and shapes. It is also a valuable way for kids to learn to interact, be considerate of other’s ideas and opinions and also develop valuable social skills that are paramount for classroom activities and getting along in a group. These are all skills your child will take throughout his or her life. If your little one can’t get along in a group and never learns social skills, he won’t fare much better as an adult in an office job and may wonder why he never gets that promotion or special project to work on. It all goes back to the basics we learn as kids and you can give your kids a headstart in life by letting them learn through group play and other social building skills.

Another fun way to learn that develops young imaginations as well as teaches history is to let your child dress up in a costume and learn about figures or historical times past. Dressing up as an colonial and learning about the early Presidents is a great way to both teach your kids how America was founded as well as making history come to life. Let him dress up as General George Washington and act out Crossing the Delaware. There are tons of preschooler and early reader history books at both your local bookstore as well as your library – indulge your child’s love of learning and let him really live the part too!

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