Learning Through Pretend Play

A common complaint that many parents have for finding toys for their children is so many toys do not encourage pretend play. Many toys manufactured today run so efficiently the child winds up sitting back and watching the toy play.
Pretend play is a marvelous way for children to learn on their own or with groups of other children. This encourages not only learning skills through play but also cooperation and being respectful of what other people think. Taking turns and valuable social skills are developed through pretend play.
Playing with things that children see adults do frequently, like shopping for groceries is a fun way to learn about food, shopping and other daily activities that people do. Children can pretend play that they are workers and customers in a grocery store and have a million different creative scenarios that they play out. Young budding actors can pretend they are on a game show where they have to shop ’til they drop or they can be purchasing things for their own cooking show.
For the young restaurant owner on your midst, Doug and Melissa have designed a fun sushi set. This sushi set is made from wood with no sharp edges and even comes in its own wooden box with a realistic sushi menu on the back for an authentic touch. As the rolls are cut they make chopping noises and kids can have hours of fun creating their own imaginative sushi dishes. They can also learn lessons about why hands are washed before food is prepared and the importance of being clean when cooking and cleaning up.
Pretend play is a marvelous way for children to work together or just have fun on their own. Either way, the only limit is the imagination of the child.
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