Let Them Make Music and Fun!

If your child frequently has play dates or has a good number of friends over on a frequent basis, a good group activity that all children can enjoy is a musical one. Children love music and in addition to listening to music, most children enjoy making their own music even more.
A good solution to finding an activity a small group of children can do is found in Doug and Melissa’s Band in a Box. This fun set includes 10 favorite and easy to play instruments. Your children can enjoy shaking a colorful set of maracas, jangling a tambourine to the beat, the “ting” of a triangle, hand cymbals that are easy to play, a wooden clacker to keep the beat going, and a percussion stick. Your children can play different instruments and then switch so everyone gets a chance to play everything and learn what their favorite instrument is.
For even more fun, set up your video camera and let your children play their instruments and make their own music “video”. They’ll be thrilled watching themselves on television playing their little hearts out. Music instruments will stimulate the creative side of your children and this fun box set will get a lot of use over the years as your children experiment and discover exactly how each instrument is used. Also, talk to your children and encourage them to tell you what their favorite instruments are and why they like them, it will be a great way to encourage your child to talk about their likes and dislikes and self expression is another important skill that can be developed through music.
If your kids are telling you they have nothing to do this summer, get them the gift of music and let them push their creative talents to the limits of their imaginations.
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