Sensory Edge’s Puppet Theaters are built to let your child’s imagination grow. It is perfect opportunity for individuals or groups to work together and create an experience that is unique to them.
Give your child the opportunity to be the star of their own imagination. Let your child imagine themselves as a knight or a princess. Perhaps your child would like to be on an African safari encountering elephants, giraffes, lions and zebra. When your child’s imagination is stimulated with a Puppet Theater, the stories will be boundless.
Give your child the opportunity to entertain you with their wild imagination. Children see the Puppet Theaters as more than just a theater. Watch your child turn the theater into many different things such as a ticket booth, lemonade stand, sales counter, television, post office or general store.
Puppet Theaters are generally bright and colorful. Some features may include a chalkboard, felt board or dry erase board on the front so your little one can also title their plays, post show times or even draw additional scenery. There is also storage shelves in the back of most of the theaters to keep the playroom neat and puppets and materials organized.
Puppet Theaters also can come with some sort of curtain or curtain rod so scene changes and dramatic endings can be made. There is also even a Puppet Theater made of nylon for even easier storage. The Puppet Theaters are easily assembled by interlocking pieces and require no tools.
Most Puppet Theaters are larger floor models that can fit at least two children. There are smaller table top puppet theaters if you have limited space.