Make Learning About Money Matters Fun

Learning about money can be a little intimidating for a first grader. Having to remember what each of those coins are called and how much they’re worth can really put a little brain to the test. Why not make learning about money more fun and memorable with easy to use money toys.
Money toys not only increase your child’s math skills, they give your child the chance to play grown-up for a while, something nearly all children love doing. Learning about money becomes more of an adventure when it’s put into the context of playtime.
Learning about money and acquiring some basic math skills has never been so much fun as with the Teaching Cash Register by Learning Resources. This fantastic toy features four different games that will have your child learning about money and math matters such as place values, coin identification, addition and subtraction. Each game advances your child to another level of learning. The cash register itself has a working calculator, with voice prompts as well as light and sound cues. There’s even a working scale. Whether your child is actively learning about money, or just playing grocery store, the Teaching Cash Register is sure to be a hit.
Take the mystery out of understanding how checking accounts work with the Pretend & Play Checkbook with Calculator. Your child will be learning about money matters as they write their own pretend checks, keep records in their register, fill out deposit slips and calculate their account balance.
The Teaching Cash Register and the Pretend & Play Checkbook make perfect companions for each other. All your children can join the play while learning about money at the same time. Someone can be the shop keeper and everyone else can take turns being customers.
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