Make Your Child’s First Sleep Over Party a Success


If your young child started school this year, chances are good that he or she has already been to one or more sleep over parties. If your kiddo is clamoring to have a sleep over of their own, do a little planning and you’ll have a perfect night for everyone.
First of all, decide on the night to have your sleep over. Then have your child decide how many friends to invite over. A rule of thumb for parties both birthday and sleep overs is to invite the same number of friends as your child’s age plus one. So if your child is 7-years old then inviting 8 friends would be about the maximum kids to have in your home at once.
Then let your child choose a few snacks. Try and keep them to healthy snacks instead of junk, you really do not want a house full of sugared up kids to keep track of. Thinly sliced veggies with ranch dip, cheese and crackers, cut up fruits such as apples and melons along with grapes and strawberries are usually hits. You can make a warm snack by cutting up potatoes into thin wedges and shaking them in olive oil and then a few spices (your choice) and then cooking until done and crisp on the edges. Kids eat these up! Have some fun games planned. You can use standard party games, Pictionary type games or guessing games usually go over well.
As far as sleeping, obviously all the kids won’t fit into one bed so they will be sacking out on the floor. It’s idea if you have a game room or play room; however if you don’t – the living room is a good option too. That way you can keep tabs on everyone. If you child doesn’t already have one, make sure that he or she has a sleeping bag and on the invitations, put down that each child will need to bring a sleeping roll or kids sleeping bag.
Just do a little planning in advance and your child’s first sleep over will be the best!
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