Making Exercising Fun

toddler playing soccer
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If you’re like many families, you realize somewhere between work schedules, school schedules and busy weekends, that your children aren’t getting enough quality playtime or exercise. Exercise can come in many different forms.
Encourage your children to play in ways that require them to be outside moving around. Riding bikes, jumping rope, even digging in a sandbox can be good fun that keeps your children moving. Adding some toys that encourage movement is another way to get your kids moving and exercising.
A Balancing Board is a great toy that will not only get your kids moving, it will also help your children work on their coordination and balancing skills. Kids can work on improving their skills and if you have a few children to keep entertained, this is a great group activity for kids as they can create contests and see who can balance the longest or other challenges. The rubber top of the balancing board makes it easy for little shoes or feet to grip to and stay on.
A seesaw is another great toy that is good for two or more children. They can experiment with seeing how many kids on one side of the seesaw it can take to raise the oldest and largest in their group off the ground. Additionally, they will get good exercise by having to move their legs, balance to sit upright and continue move when the seesaw is in the “down” position.
Either of these toys can be used indoors or outdoors so your kids can work on staying fit all year round!
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