How to Manage Your Classroom Take-Home Folders

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How to You Manage Your Classroom Take-Home Foldersphoto credit:

One of the particularly significant tools a teacher has is the take-home folder and figuring out how to manage your classroom take-home folders is vital to your class running smoothly. These folders are not just a great method for connecting and collaborating with parents, but they are a great method to teach students some accountability for their schoolwork. They will learn right away that they have to bring their folder to and from school every day.

How do you organize your classroom take-home folders?

The take-home folder is essential when it comes to classroom management.  It is so significant to educators, many teachers share their techniques and ideas about how to manage take-home folders.  A great tip is to use a binder in lieu of a folder.  It is a much simpler way to manage significant documents.  You can use sheet protectors to keep things organized and in place.  Also, you can use the front pocket for homework, and then instruct students to put important papers on the front page of the binder.

Another very simple method to manage folders is to label both sides.  You can ask each student to put their left-hand cutout on the left side of the folder with the words, “Left at home” and their right-hand cutout on the right side labeled “Right back to school.”  When class ends students will be asked to put their left at home papers on the left side, and their right back to school papers on the right side.

Many teachers find that using mailboxes for the students is a great way to organize take-home folders. This also offers a way to distribute important paperwork that needs to go home.  It is up to the students to be accountable for taking everything from their mailbox and place it in their take-home folder.

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