Mirror Image


Children can become bored easily and it can be a challenge to think of different ways to help keep them entertained. While it is true that the earlier they learn how to entertain themselves the easier it will be for children and parents alike, realistically it can take several years for a child to get to that point.

That challenge may become increasingly difficult under different circumstances. For example, if your child is visiting a doctor and is old enough to remember being there before it can cause them to experience extra anxiety. Perhaps the last time you visited the doctor your child was ill or needed to update their immunizations, that sticks in their mind and they may become very anxious at the next visit. Even if you tell them that it is just a check-up and there will be no need for shots, they may still feel a little doubtful and it can be helpful if there are fun and interesting toys in the waiting room.

Children are naturally drawn to their own image and sometimes will spend a great deal of time in front of a mirror. Sometimes you will catch them blowing kisses to themselves (some even kiss the mirror) or making funny faces. Many times you will hear double the laughter if another child happens to be with them doing the same thing. One way to capitalize on this form of entertainment is to have a mirror or two around for them. This can be extremely helpful in a waiting room, as they will have other kids laughing and playing with them. You may also want to consider a Giant Giggle Mirror that has a double curve in it giving it a “fun house” type of reflection. Each child will see themselves and their playmates differently, and will have great fun pointing this out.

If your child’s pediatrician does not have this type of toy, you may tell them about it and see what they think. They also know how important it is for a child to have as little anxiety as possible when visiting a doctor and they may take this into consideration. However it happens a child needs that little extra comfort when it comes to a doctor visit and this type of toy is bound to bring out the giggles.

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