Molding A Geography Wiz!

Do you remember how interesting it was to get a glimpse of the globe at school when you were a young child? It can be quite a fascinating adventure to realize that there is a whole other world out there, including different countries, climates and cultures. One thing that you should know is that young children can take advantage of globe exploration anywhere from age six and up. As a matter of fact, because children are like little sponges that soak up all sorts of information faster than adults, the sooner you get your child started with geography the better!
Take learning about geography to a whole new level as your children can learn about various countries as well as play games with their siblings and friends. They can even begin to learn about some of the different customs from other cultures, making for valuable knowledge that will stay with them well into their teen and adult years. This is definitely one children’s item that is much more than a toy!

Another option that helps teach kids about geography are places rugs. Great for classrooms and playrooms, there are rugs with a map of the US or ones based on towns with roads and buildings.

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