Musically Inclined


As a child, can you remember how music affected you? Did you swing and sway to the tunes or did you obnoxiously jump and jive to the radio? Music always has a certain way of connecting with us, making our bodies groove with the rhythm. Now that you have children, how does music affect them, have you noticed?
Beginning Musical Instruments

Music has a way of reaching children and captivating their little attention spans. Once the harmony has grasped their young bodies, it taps in to their creative side and opens their minds to new thoughts and ideas. Not only that, but it has other effects as well. Depending what kind of music is playing; it can calm a rambunctious child. If nothing else seems to work, play something that is soft and that will mesmerize them.
Children respond to music very well. Considering your child for piano lessons or any other instrument would be beneficial to them. As was mentioned previously, the music opens their minds to creative thought. Learning to play an instrument would also tap into their hand and eye coordination as well.

The next time your child is running around with bursts of energy and they need to be calmed down, perhaps put on some soothing music and just wait for them to cool their jets.

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