Outdoor Playhouses – Great Pretend Fun!

kids inside a tipi tent
Photo by Thirdman on Pexels.com
Children love having their own special places to play, whether it is a cardboard box that has magically become a castle in their own minds or even better, one of these fabulous playhouses, your children will have hours of fun making up their own stories and scenarios.
Kid’s Teepee are available in multiple sizes. The tent part of the teepee can be constructed of heavy 100% cotton canvas fabric and there is paint included so your children can decorate their teepees in any way they choose,. There is a large double flap door so the teepee is very easy to enter and exit which is especially good for smaller children that might become frustrated with a playhouse that has a door that is hard for little hands to open, the simple flap design of this teepee solves that problem. The umbrella design of this teepee makes set up and put up very easy and quick. These teepees can be used either indoors or outdoors and best of all, shipping is free.
Play tents should be made of flame retardant material that meets current safety standards for use by children. Tents can have a tie back door so your young soldier can dive in the door of his HQ if he needs to. He can view others through the stealth black “no see um” mesh windows. This tent is for indoor or outdoor use.
Pretend play is wonderful for expanding your child’s imagination and it also is a wonderful for creating group play activity when you include a fun playhouse for children to center their games around.
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