Painting Without The Mess. Heat Sensitive Wall Toys

It is a sure bet that just about any kid really loves to dig in and get dirty for a little bit of arts and crafts while finger painting. However, if you are like most parents out there, you are not looking forward to all of the mess that finger painting can bring along with it. When it comes to such a great hands on activity, you might want to look to a fantastic alternative such as a pretend play finger painting toy that doesn’t create any kind of mess!
Yes, you did hear correctly! The Magic Hands Wall Toy is a really cool way for children to be able to explore and create wonderful pictures with their hands without the spills and smudges of paint all over your walls, carpeting and their clothing. Used in a number of waiting rooms for doctor and dentist offices, you can also bring this fun toy into your home so that your children can enjoy it. Perhaps you even run a child care service within your home. If so, then this will definitely be an incredible way for kids to play without all of the messes that you would expect from paints and other art supplies.
The Hands On Wall Toy is activated by the heat of hands and fingers as they come in contact with the heat-sensitive film on the surface. You can simply sit back and watch your kids play and have a great time without having to worry about picking up any kind of a mess. Wall Panel Toys can even be cleaned easily with a simple wipe down from time to time, making them perfect additions to any playroom or lobby area!
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