Parents and Kids Playing Together


It doesn’t matter how old your children are or what their hobbies are, there are several toys, activities, and games you can find to enjoy with your kids for years to come.
Children of all ages enjoy playing games. These may include board games, activity rugs, and memory games. Although they are generally listed by age group, parents and older children will still have a blast playing games targeted toward little kids as they learn new concepts. Many games also have a “hard” and “easy” play options in order to grow up right along with your kids.
Learning games like flash cards and memory games are also a great choice because it allows parents to get actively involved in their child’s learning. You can play alongside your kids, or enjoy watching them master new skills.
Games that involve getting physically active are another great choice. Exercise balls and trampolines are both good options because they can be purchased in both adult and child sizes. Some exercise balls even have stable bottom to prevent rolling as children jump on and off. You can burn off those extra holiday pounds while your kids romp and burn off extra energy. Best of all, you will be fostering a love of physical fitness that will last a lifetime.
You can also take part in having arts and crafts with your kids. Make it rule that birthday and holiday cards are to be made instead of purchased, and take turns drawing your favorite things. When you’re done, compare your favorites with your child’s. This not only fosters creativity and imagination, but will also give you and your kids a great way to spend time together and learn more about each other.
No surprise here: books are another great way to spend time with your kids! You can purchase your favorite books as a child to share with them, and collect a library of new classics for them to enjoy. Studies have proven that children who are read to every day do better in school and feel more accepted and appreciated within their families. They will also develop earlier reading skills themselves, so you can take turns reading stories to one another.
However you choose to do it, spending quality time with your kids both during the holidays and throughout the year. You will both reap the benefits of love, encouraged expression and learning.
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