Parents, Are We Preparing Our Kids for College Properly?

Parenting and preparing a child for college is overwhelming. Here are some key ideas to stick with. First, let your child stand on their own two feet and handle their own problems. Have your child use their own account and monitor their own spending either through working to earn money or getting an allowance so that they don’t ask for money at the last minute or expect money as an adult. Let them leave home and not be naive, teach them to cook, and teach them a little about cars so that they can handle situations that may arise.

Key Takeaways:

  • Parents want their children to be prepared for leaving home as they graduate high school and enter college so they become anxious.
  • At this point in time, parents should learn to step back and allow the child to take care of things for him or herself.
  • To prepare their children for college, parents need to give their children responsibility. Allow them to start making decisions when they are at high school.

“The days of asking mom and dad for money at the last moment should be over. Some parents prefer not to have their child work during the school year so they can focus on their studies.”

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