Play Kitchens And Food Toys

Children learn by emulating their parents and play kitchens and food toys really give children the opportunity to stretch their imaginations. Children love pretending they’re all grown up. Do you remember playing house as a child? Someone would pretend to be the mom, and she’d take care of the children. Many happy hours were passed this way, and the seeds of adulthood were allowed to take root.
While many of us had to make do with only our imaginations, you can give your child the kind of toys that bring their imaginations to life. Play kitchens and food toys are the perfect way to encourage your children to explore the future.
A Wooden Pretend Play Kitchen by KidKraft would be a terrific gift for any child who loves to play mommy’s little helper in the kitchen. These sturdy play kitchen set comes with it’s own oven, stove top and microwave. Children will also love play kitchen’s refrigerator and freezer combo, just like mom’s. A sink gives your little ones a place to ‘clean up’, and the cupboards are a great place to store food toys and toy pans in their play kitchen.
How can your children cook in their play kitchen without food toys? A Wooden Fruit Basket is a perfect compliment for the play kitchen set. Your child can pretend to cook with over 16 pieces colorful of food toys. Wooden Pizza Party food toys will also add to play kitchen fun. Children can assemble their pizza with three toppings to choose from.
For a perfect play kitchen set, why not include a My Kitchen Play Cookware Activity Set? Your children will love this set of high quality stainless steel cookware, just like mom’s. Play kitchens and assorted food toys are terrific for encouraging imaginative play, and children love them!
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