Preschool Furniture: Keeping Kids Busy and Organized

Teaching preschool typically requires having different items in the classroom than in any other grade. This is partly for safety, and partially because younger children clearly have different interests than older kids in most cases. Therefore, preschool furniture is something to focus on if you want to create the perfect classroom environment for your students. Consider some of the types available.

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One of the first items to have in your classroom is space to for children to sit comfortably. This means that tables and chairs should be low to the ground, but other than that stipulation, you have several choices when it comes to size and shape. You may choose among rectangular, circular, square, and horseshoe-shaped tables. When deciding on a shape for this type of preschool furniture, just consider how many children you want to sit at one table. You should also think about the amount of space in your classroom, as smaller rooms may call for just a few larger tables instead of several small ones. Many tables come with small chairs to match that also stack for easy cleanup. Additionally, you might think about obtaining individual desks with the chair attached already, like in many classrooms with older children.

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The next item of preschool furniture that you should think about purchasing should have to do with playtime. Most toddlers have tons of energy, and it will need to be released at some point during the school day. You likely include playtime or recess as part of the average day, so why not provide preschool furniture that you know is both safe and fun? This way, kids can always be within your line of sight as they will not necessarily have to go outside to play. A toddler loft can be the perfect solution.

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This type of preschool furniture often includes stairs leading up to an enclosed space where kids can play safely. Most lofts also include a slide to make coming down from the fun furniture particularly exciting. The stairs are typically padded, flanked by handrails low enough for toddlers to reach easily. Many lofts can hold many children, as well as a teacher. Some even offer storage space underneath, allowing teachers with little extra space to place toys under the loft. If you want preschool furniture that is both practical and fun, a toddler loft may be your best bet.

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Before you make a list of furniture to purchase for your preschool classroom, think of ways to promote safety, fun, and learning. Tables and chairs are necessary, but this does not mean that you have to get the most basic kind. The same goes for fun preschool furniture, such as toddler lofts. Purchase the furniture that will both fit into your classroom and interest your students in particular.

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