Pretend, Play and Learn!

From the minute a child begins to grow, they begin to play and also mimic some of the things that they see in the world around them. Little girls may want to try their mother’s clothes on and play dress up, and little boys may want to wear their daddy’s big boots around the house. Playing pretend is one way that a child learns quite a bit about the world around them, how to react as well as interact with others, while learning amazing and beneficial social skills.
The Pretend and Play Snack Shop is a great way for children to have fun while learning to socialize, prepare pretend foods and even sell them to their friends or family members! Children have a great time setting up the Pretend and Play Snack shop that is filled with play money, snacks, a board where they can write specials and much more. Parents also seem to really enjoy playing pretend with their child along with the help of this fun set. The Pretend and Play Snack Shop also comes in a great size that is also convenient for storage and carrying so that your child can play pretend anywhere they wish!
Have your kids ever asked you if they could head off to the office along with you? Whether or not they have, the Pretend and Play Office Set is a really cool way for kids to learn in a fun, business-like manner. They even get a briefcase that is has all kinds of items inside such as paychecks, a desk calendar, pretend stapler and even a cell phone complete with sound. Just imagine how grown up your children will feel when they play with this fun Pretend and Play Office Set!
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