Pretend Play Kitchens – Bonding Time With Mom

toy kitchen
toy kitchen

Do you remember playing house or pretend when you were little and doing what you saw mom and dad doing? It’s safe for any adult to say that kids love to mimic mom and dad. They watch everything we do and say. One of the things that kids love to do is help mom and dad in the kitchen. That’s why toy kitchens are a great investment for you as your kids will play with a pretend play kitchen for years. 

Watching kids play is something parents love to do. We marvel at their little imagination and some of the stuff they say when they’re in a pretend play environment. Sometimes it’ll even give you some time to relax, because they’ll be so busy pretending to cook that they wont want to bother you.

Kids love to play pretend and mimic everything that they see their parents doing. They can pretend that they are an adult themselves and cook imaginary dinners. It’s always cute to see two little ones cooking with toy food and then bringing it up to you to eat. Toy kitchens are not only oriented for little girls but little boys as well. 

They are great ways to entertain your kids for hours. Sometimes you can even play games with children like pretending to be a customer at a restaurant. Practice spelling and counting with them as they learn and have a great time with you. All to be sure that you’re child is entertained and using their imagination as well as they can.


You can make toy kitchens even more educational by having  kids name off different foods and their colors. Teach your children what will be hot on mommy and daddy’s stove and what kinds of foods are cooked on the stove. You can also show them what foods fit in what pot or pan and how they are normally cooked. Toy kitchens are great for little kids who love to use their imagination pretending to be mom and dad. It can help younger children enhance their gross motor skills, cooperative play and other skills that they are developing at that point in time.

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