Promote Kids’ Independence With An Organized Closet

promotes independence in the child.
Photo Credit: The Inspired Treehouse

Christa Hladky, a mother of an autistic child, developed a way for other parents to organize their child’s closet in a way that is simple and promotes independence in the child.  Hladky suggests creating an ease of access and saving time by simply rolling the pre-selected outfits into bundles and placing them in the closet at arm’s reach.

How to Promote Kids’ Independence Even More

She also suggests having the child involved in picking the outfits, rolling the bundles, and familiarizing themselves with the layout of the closet. This creates the sense of ownership in the child, which in turn gives them the responsibility of keeping their closet space tidy.

In addition to giving the child a feeling of independence, it is also fun for them to be involved in the process of organizing their closets. These simple steps can make for less stressful, hectic school mornings.

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