Pyramid of Play – Keeps Kids from Getting Bored

If you need an activity toy for your busy waiting area, consider adding the Pyramid of Play to your lobby. The Pyramid of Play is actually five toys in one. The Caterpillar Pathfinder has multiple slots to arrange various caterpillar parts. Marble Run is a fun section where children can race each other to see which marble makes the best time. Ladybug Counter is a wonderful way to sharpen math skills and counting basics. Gear Fun on yet another side of the pyramid teaches children to plan ahead arrange gears to make the entire side move with just the turn of one gear piece. Busy Rollercoaster will keep children occupied for hours of fun.
This toy encourages group play, cooperation and imaginative play. The size is just right for sitting kneeling children. Kids can race trying to see who can finish lacing and tying, arranging the caterpillars through the mazes or make a gear design the fastest. These will all be activities to keep them busy for hours.
Having a toy around to keep the kiddos entertained when they get tired of waiting for the doctor will go a long way into keeping them from getting bored and cranky. Plus waiting room toys like this help with hand eye coordination and social interaction with peers.
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