Recognizing the Value of Quality Products in the Classroom Part 2

Preschools within the program’s reach are also set to take advantage of the extra money, by adding more exploratory toys and learning devices to their programs in combination with the new furnishings and storage units. Specialized tables, chairs, book displays, and lockers may also be purchased to meet the needs of smaller children.
Because preschoolers through kindergartners are still developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and speaking skills; providing them with additional chances for imaginative play and exploration is high important to encourage proper development. These toys can include classic toys like blocks and art projects, as well as more advance and larger scale items.
Tables and Craft Centers
Because art, like drawing and finger painting, is so important for a very child’s development; teachers will likely spend more funds buying desks, tables, and easels to support their student’s artistic expression and abilities. Tables with built in storage compartments add more benefits because supplies like paper, paints, and crayons can be kept within arm’s reach when art class rolls around.
Play Centers
Quality play stations can range in size and theme, but they all have one important thing in common: kids love them! From play kitchens with sinks, stoves, and appliances right within reach to larger scale indoor playgrounds: these centers are important parts of any preschooler’s world.
Mainstream offers a wide variety of play centers, many with slides and climbing centers built in. This not only gives kids a stimulating place to play but also helps to encourage muscle tone and development and motor skills and balance. Some of these playgrounds can also be used by children as young as six months, helping them to increase leg development to encourage standing and walking.
Book Storage
Very young children are often rougher with materials than older ones. Papers, drawings, and books tend to get crumbled and stained when not properly put away. For that reason, most preschool classrooms should be properly outfitted with quality book storage units.
The perfect storage unit for this age group is something easy to reach and easy to see the covers of each book so kids can pick their favorite stories with no assistance. Although easy to access, having a designated place to keep books and other reading materials is beneficial by keeping them off the floor and out of desks when not in use. This method will also help teachers better keep track of each book, so they are less likely to get lost or damaged.
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