Ride On Toys For Spring

Spring is almost here, and when the weather turns warm it’s time for ride on toys. Your children have spent a good deal of the winter indoors, so perhaps one of our new ride on toys would be a good way to get them back out into the fresh air and sunshine.
Very young children will be thrilled to receive one of our ride-On Dinos from The Children’s Factory. These dinosaur ride on toys are made from foam rubber covered in easy clean vinyl, with roller wheels attached at the base. Small children can safely ride without risking banging themselves on the dino’s forgiving surfaces. These ride on toys are wonderful fun for children ages two through five.
Looking for something special? SensoryEdge has ride on toys that are out of the ordinary. The Flying Turtle ride on toys sit low to the ground, and children put their hands and feet on the same handle bars. A gentle side-to-side pressure on the handle bars sets these ride on toys in motion. You little ones will have hours of fun riding up and down the sidewalks.
Ever seen a California Chariot? These ride on toys are like a bicycle and two skateboards combined. All your child has to do is push with his/her feet to get things rolling and hop on the boards for a wild ride. These ride on toys are quickly becoming as popular as the scooter revolution of ten years ago.
SensoryEdge carries many other ride on toys that are sure to thrill any child, so feel free to browse our pages, and find the perfect gift for your little ones.
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