Science in the Summer

students experimenting using laboratory equipment inside the laboratory
Even thought summer break from school is almost upon us, you’re kids don’t have to stop the learning. Stimulate your children to look at things a little more scientifically with a science project kit.
If you have a preschooler who hasn’t yet had the chance to experience in-classroom learning, My First Science Kit is a great way to introduce your young Einstein or Marie Curie to the fact science is everywhere. This science project is built around letting kids create their own colored crystals. Your little scientist can set up their own color-mixing laboratory and see what results different color combinations give. There are 10 fun experiments in this kit and it is guaranteed to open you little one’s eyes to the fun that science can be.
My First Science Kit
If your child is having trouble getting interested in science, make it fun. All kids love creepy things and there is a science kit made just for the kid who needs something a little edgy to make it interesting. Check out the Disgusting Science for Kids project kit. Your child can grow some friendly germs and some interesting fuzzy molds. They can also make their own stinky intestine with this truly gross but extremely enjoyable science project kit.
Learning about science doesn’t have to stop just because school is out, make it fun for your kids and they’ll gain knowledge and gain a love of science that they will retain for a lifetime.
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