Self-Entertainment Encouraged

Ok, we all know that keeping a child entertained can, at times, be difficult. That may have something to do with the fact that many adults, whether parents or other caregivers, might have a slightly different concept of entertained.

To most children it means 100 percent of our undivided attention at all costs. Naturally while giving this undivided attention they assume that it also entails them getting to do whatever they have their hearts set on. Who cares if it involves stomping through every mud puddle in the area and then making cool prints on a freshly washed kitchen floor? It’s not a big deal that those gorgeous bright paints they were using a minute ago are no longer on the table, or that the cat has suddenly become a blue blur.

Kids Art Tables

Adults, however, tend to want to keep the area as neat and clean as possible. (Although, remember how much fun it was getting dirty as a kid?). So, in order to keep the peace in the household there are rules that you set up for playing, etc. Something that really helps when it comes to making a child understand this concept is to have one particular place where most of their activities are allowed and encouraged. It does not have to be a completely separate room or area, it can be a small area or table just for them. 

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