Sensory Edge Adds Foamnasium Soft Play Furniture

Earlier this year we went to an industry trade show and meet the team from Foamnasium. They were super nice and had some fun products that can be used at home, school or in waiting areas.

Foamnasium toys and furniture provide easy to clean, high-quality soft play toys that expand young imaginations. They’re tough and durable enough for energetic play and offer a myriad of educational activities. The products stimulate the kids senses, aids in the development of gross motor skills and allow children to use their imaginations for exciting play. The soft play toys and furniture are strong enough to withstand rough play, yet soft to ensure children play in safety.
Foamnasium soft shred pillows for children of all ages are for lounging at home or for use in preschools. The accordion mat can be used as a mat, fence or seat to lean against a wall. Fold it and easily move it into another room or area. All Foamnasium products are flame retardant and contain anti-microbial and anti-bacterial protection.
There’s a  wide variety of vinyl covered foam chairs, video loungers, child-size sofas, bleacher benches, wedges and triangles so kids can sit quietly or read. The soft, child-sized furniture is ideal for child waiting rooms, playrooms and any location where children may have to wait for any length of time. The kids waiting room furniture allows children to play without fear of injury.
There’s also an assortment of foam blocks in different sizes that children can sit on, use as a table or stack for hours of fun. The play mailbox features a curved surface for improved balancing skills and can be coordinated with other pieces to form a soft, safe playground. The circle in a circle toy can be used as part of an obstacle course or seat.
Toddlers love to climb, and with the Toddler Soft Step, small children can reach low placed toys for themselves or climb on the couch with parents without assistance. It provides children with a way to gain confidence, learn balancing skills and independence.
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