SensoryEdge at Anatex Photo Shoot Part 1



Before we launched the SensoryEdge website it was just a kernel of an idea. A dream my husband and I shared to create a store that would cater to people like us – parents of special kids who loved to play with toys. To get started our first order of business was to decide what we wanted to sell on our website. Having never been in the toy and furniture business before I resorted to the some advice I once got from a professor. You see I was once an aspiring writer and the best advice I ever got was to write about what I know and what interests me.
I figured that advise worked for sales too so I went into my oldest child’s room and found his favorite toy to find out who made it. It was the Original Rollercoaster bead maze toy by Anatex. The next day Anatex was the first call I made and their toys were the first thing we purchased to sell in our store at
Anatex and their waiting room toys have been with us from the very beginning. It was especially sweet and flattering when they asked two of our children to participate in a photo shoot for their latest catalog. My kids had so much fun and I got a sneak peak at their newest line of products.
Over the next few weeks we will be debuting some of Anatex’s new waiting room toys and furniture. We will be sharing with you some of my personal video from behind the scenes of the photo shoot. We’re excited to give you an early look at these awesome wall toys, waiting room toys, waiting room furniture, & educational toys in action. Stay tuned to see what Anatex has to offer. 

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