Set a Good Example Yourself. Exercise Regulary

Are you sick to death of having the words “obese children” shoved down your throat. It’s in the media almost every day however what the stories fail to address is that the obese children generally live in households where bad habits such as poor diet and little to no exercise are practiced by all members of the household.
Take an objective look at your child or grandchild, if he or she is showing signs of being overweight, look at yourself and ask the serious, question,”Am I contributing to my child’s weight gain?” If you are, there are a lot of great ways to undo what has been done and become a good example yourself.
First of all, resolve to forgo sugary, empty calorie laden snacks. You may work and have a busy schedule but you can still make a good healthy meal. Brush the dust off the crock pot and put together some filling nutritious soups and stews. Instead of sending money each week for your kids to buy a school lunch, make their lunch at home. Include carrot sticks with ranch dressing if your kids are “dippers” and opt for making their lunches from whole grain breads and watch the amount of sugar your kids consume. Instead of chips, opt for whole grain crackers or strips of pita bread. Replace the cookies with an apple or pear. Let your kids choose strange fruits to try at the grocery store, star fruits are amazingly good!
Next, get moving. Weather won’t always permit going out walking or indulging in other physical activities but you can get a treadmill and let your child do the same. It’s much for fun to engage in physical activities together.
And those are just a few changes you can make that will lead to positive health choices for your child, start now and you’ll be laying the bricks for good health for the future for your children.
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