With the school year in full swing we have to get the little ones back into the school year sleeping habit. It can be a difficult process. Children have stayed up a bit later during the summer months. Just like us as adults, they create a pattern that can be hard to break. It is best to start a sleeping pattern for school a few weeks prior to school starting. But, the change can take some time.

Children ages five-12 years old need an average of 10-11 hours of sleep per night. This can be difficult because of the increasing demands of their time. Homework, sports and other extracurricular and social activities have shortened the day for our children. School aged children have also turned to television, computer and the internet, which can be time consuming activities. But, we must find the time for them to sleep. Sleeping on a regular schedule is crucial to their daily lives.

Create a sleep schedule and bedtime routine with your child. Emphasize this sleep schedule and routine daily. The more frequent the pattern, the easier the sleep schedule will become. Keep TV and computers out of the child’s sleeping area. Lastly, make sure the child’s bedroom is set for optimal sleeping conditions. Dark, cool and quiet bedrooms work best.