Spell It Out With Spelling Toys

Help your children improve their spelling skills the fun way with spelling toys. There’s nothing like educational toys to take the drudgery out of learning, and SensoryEdge has spelling toys to get your little ones firmly on the path to scholastic success.
Just look at our Alpha Bug Step and Spell Play Mat. These clever spelling toys will have your children doing some fancy footwork and loving every minute of it. These spelling toys help teach your children the alphabet as well as letter sounds and vowel recognition. Your child will even learn short words while enjoying these spelling toys. Music is also used as a spelling tool, and your children can step along with the ABC song. These spelling toys feature a happy little bookworm whose body is made up of each letter.
See & Spell from Melissa and Doug are durable wooden spelling toys that will keep children busy for hours. Each set has 70 individual wooden letters and 10 double sided spelling boards. These spelling toys promote early letter recognition in preschoolers, which in turn boosts early reading skills. These spelling toys come in their own storage case, so they’re portable too.
If you can combine play time with education, you can give your child a head start that will last a life time. Spelling toys are just one example of the quality educational toys and accessories available to parents through SensoryEdge, so take some time to browse through our pages and see what we can do for your children.
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