Spring is Here: Time to Consider a Sand and Water Table for Kids


Trying to keep children active while at preschool or daycare can be a daunting chore. You would like the playthings and play areas risk-free from sharp edges, weather resistant, and be long lasting. Activity tables and art easels by ChildBrite might be the answer. This U.S. based company is a leader in children’s art easels and sand & water activity tables.

These fun, high quality products are made in America and are perfect for schools, child care facilities, and wonderful for family backyard fun. Children from ages three and up will love these products because they can be used both outdoors and indoors and are extremely versatile. With each activity center, kids can use their senses, boost their fine motor skills, and discover their creative side.

Many special needs kids suffer from an aversion to tactile input. This aversion is known as tactile defensiveness.They literally can’t stand the experience of numerous textures. By designing activities with a range of textures in a enjoyable and non-threatening way therapists can aid these kids overcome this debilitating problem. Activities like drawing in shaving cream or finding treasures in the beans are great motivators to each particular child. The basic game of hiding objects in the bins also helps children with tactile discrimination – the ability to tell the difference between items by feel. When faced with a tub filled with rice, for example, they will needs to reach into the tub and try to find items that feel different such as toys, jacks, or balls using their hands thus helping them learn to make a distinction by touch. These games are great for kids with special needs but typical kids really enjoy them too. Kids love to explore their environment and providing them with different ways to experience their senses creates an enriched and fun way to spend their day.
Sand & water tables are sometimes used by teachers and therapists as part of their all round curriculum. As a rule sensory tables are great for both typical and special needs kids. In a regular preschool setting many teachers fill the tubs with water on a hot summer day for lots of outdoor water fun. Occupational therapists (and some teachers) take this fun activity one step further by incorporating various substances to the tubs so kids can explore a variety of mediums and textures. Some examples are shaving cream, popcorn, sand, rice, or beans. Activities can be created to help kids learn to put up with different textures.

Just like their sand and water activity tables, ChildBrite’s kids art easels are produced of high impact resins and are moisture resistant. This makes them uniquely suited for outdoor as well as indoor use. These functional kids’ art easels come in many styles so you are sure to find the one that best meets your needs. We especially love the room saving easels that stay on fences and walls. A product like this excels in performance and eye appeal. ChildBrite’s distinctive and cutting edge designs mix fun and functionality that will bring your kids play area to the next level. For example, the art easels / sand and water table combination makes it possible for kids to enjoy both a sand table and art center all in one great product. Another great feature is their multi-user easels that offer multiple stations so that 2 – 4 kids can create works of art at one time. On the whole items by ChildBrite are great for schools, day cares, homes, indoor playgrounds, therapy clinics, or any location kids come to have fun and use their creativeness.

Whether it’s outdoor water play or distinguishing different textures, children will enjoy all the wonderful elements of Sand & Water Tables and easels. These items are designed for children’s enjoyment and parent’s satisfaction with high quality craftsmanship for years of fun. ChildBrite sand and water activity tables are manufactured with care. The built-in drain makes them easy to empty and clean. Every table is made of high impact resins, which allows them to be moisture resistant and they are also specially coated in order to protect against peeling. Some tables have optional casters for effortless mobility and many of them offer a color option of Blue, Green, Red, or Sandstone. Some have corresponding tops that are grooved to create a fun play table top for trains and cars.
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