Stimulate Your Toddler’s Motor Skills with an Indoor Soft Play Climber

It can be frustrating being a toddler. You’ve just learned to run, jump, dance and you have boundless energy that runs it. But you aren’t aware of danger. But mom and dad and caregivers are. Don’t do this, don’t do that…. If you have a day care or run a pre-school you want to keep those little ones busy but safe.

A great toy to have on hand for both your own energetic toddlers as well as visiting little ones for the upcoming holiday season is the Toddler Pyramid Play Center. This fun play center has Velcro fasteners to hold this unique climber together as one solid piece. It fits neatly in corner floor space and needs about 60 x 72-inches of space to ensure safe use. There are mirrors that are sold separately so kids can make faces and watch themselves, jump roll and slide to their heart’s content.

Little ones from 6 months to 4 years of age will have a blast pulling up, climbing, jumping and sliding down this fun pyramid. This toy encourages group play, cooperation and imaginative play.
Also, having a toy around to keep the little ones entertained when they get tired of playing other games will keep them from disrupting holiday gatherings and ensure they have as good of a time during their visit as everyone else.

It’s hard to be a toddler, show you understand and have a fun toy around that not only is great for physical activity, but will teach waiting to take turns and other group play and social skills.

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