Stimulating Your Special Needs Child

When you have a special needs child, they have the same needs as most other children, just a little more, well special. Keeping your child stimulated will go a long way to boosting his development. Depending on what your child’s challenges are, there are a number of ways to help him both have fun playing and being a kid as well as learning, growing and developing new skills.
Motor skills are important to develop in your child. Special needs children can have fun and practice important physical tasks such as zipping, buttoning and lacing. It can be translated into skills the child will use to dress him or herself.
Another fun way to teach balance, walking and crawling skills is found in Soft Play Furniture and Toys by Childrens Factory. There are seven shapes that fit tightly together and they are made from soft, safe material. This is a great way for one child or a group of children to have fun crawling, running and develop their gross motor skills. There is a tunnel to crawl through that will teach children to think of the outcome of going in one side and coming out on another.
This is a good sized play set and measures 24h x 72″”w x 88″-inches. This is a fun way for children to spend the day playing and they’ll never even suspect they’re learning!
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