#Edtech – Using Technology to Expand Student Career Choices

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Technology in the Classroom to Encourage Professional Development
photo credit: www.edutopia.com

A teacher uses video phone calls to help motivate and inspire students by utilizing this technology to bring professionals into the classroom.  What began as trying to simply bring real-life professionals into the classroom had all kinds of potential. Using technology in the classroom to encourage professional development is an amazing tool to employ.

How can videoconferencing help your students?

Whether students are studying abroad or simply minutes away from campus, their hectic lifestyles and multiple time commitments have increased the need for advisers to use video conferencing tools to effectively advise them. Thankfully, free internet videoconferencing programs have made distance advising a convenient and cost-effective way to communicate with students.

Unfortunately, not every school adviser has access to videoconferencing tools. However, even the most basic use of Skype (a popular videoconferencing website) can make advising students more accessible. Students having access to the information as well as their own personal motivation and determination to go after what they are interested in will increase even more when using technology.  This tool is a great one to engage and encourage kids to pursue their interests for their future.

You could tell that kids were not as keen on hearing about the daily chores of a career, but they were very interested in learning about how and why individuals made those career choices.  Real stories about how people reached their professional goals was of greater interest to everyone.  And if students weren’t enrolled in the class that included this video, a video library could be established so that all kids could have access to whatever they were interested in. Even the most disinterested kids will start asking questions, and the role models provided can offer significant information and motivation to them.

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