Little girls love to imitate their mothers. With the holiday season right around the corner, our Sugar Plum Vanity Table and Chair Set is the perfect vanity set for your little girl to imitate mom looking beautiful. Your daughter will be able to sit in this stylish chair and pretend that she is putting on all of her make-up, just like mom. At a great, low sale price and free shipping, this item is too good to pass up this holiday season.

Our Sugar Plum Vanity Table and Chair Set features a deluxe vanity with a matching chair. This vanity is painted in pretty shades of plum and pink with green and ivory accents. The chair is painted in matching colors. This vanity also features a mirror that will be useful when your child is putting on all her jewelry. Now your child can store all of her jewelry and make-up in any of the two storage areas of this vanity.

Your little girl loves to play dress up. This is the perfect opportunity to obtain her own vanity for her. Her eyes will grow big and a smile will grace her face. Stop by this holiday season to take advantage of this great low price.