Summer Activities That Are Fun, Cool, & Out Of School

Summers and children go together hand in hand but they also cause weight gain in inactive kids. Get your kids moving by making daily plan with specific themes for the day of the week. You can work on lifestyle activities like limiting TV time or having them help in the kitchen. Other types of activites could include arts and crafts, game day such as having the kids be competitive, or perhaps hop scotch of jumping rope. Gather the kids in the neighborhood for group fun, like scavenger hunts and tag. Take time to enjoy nature on hikes, going to the beach, but most importantly devote time to Family Fun Days, where you are all together going to the park, on gardening, or going for a walk.

Key Takeaways:

  • Limit TV time to one hour towards the end of the day, after your child has had an active, productive day. Make sure they’ve earned TV time after a well-exercised day.
  • Go for a hike! Finding new places to hike is exciting. You can find new trails and experience them together for the first time as a family. Research the hike ahead of time
  • Have a water balloon toss! Fill up a bucket of water balloons and have friends pair off into teams of two. Have each pair line up equal distance apart and toss the balloon to their teammate.

“Make four boxes and number them one through four. Try to get people “out” by throwing or bouncing a ball into their square – if they miss, you get to move up, and a new player gets to join in! Two square works too, if you have a smaller group.”

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