Nearly each and every parent of today had a tire swing or at least managed to play on one at least once growing up. They were usually very simple affairs consisting of little more than a tire tied with a very sturdy rope to a tall tree branch.

A tire swing didn’t have the limitations of a swing set swing, it could go forward higher than the branch it was tied to and it was just a matter of holding on tightly to the rope and hoping your Dad or Granddad really did remember all those fancy hitch knots from hit stint in the Navy when he attached the rope to the tire and to the tree branch above!

Swinging on a tire swing was fun but it was something generally only the older kids could do. Fast forward to today and that fun tire swing has been made into something fun and safe for smaller children from the ages of 4 to 7 years of age.

Whether you have your own children or you have grands that visit on a regular basis, it will be a great treat to have one of these fun swings around and it doesn’t take up the space that a swing set that may only be used on a now and then basis will take up. This fun swing will sit happily under a tree until it’s ready to be used and otherwise you’ll never know it’s there.

Bring of little of your own childhood fun into the present for your kids to enjoy!