Coding Influences and Transforms Lives
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Learning Coding can Transform Lives

How can coding be useful in supporting students’ understanding of math concepts? There is a great overlap in the skills required to solve math problems and code, such as perseverance, critical thinking, and intense problem […]

Technology and Literacy
Kids & Technology

Technology and Literacy Go Together

As a language arts teacher to technology-savvy students, author Frank Ward is very familiar with the challenges involved in finding technology that truly advances the teaching of reading and writing skills.  He suggests avoiding using tools […]

Teachers Turn to Twitter
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Technology, Twitter & Teachers

Twitter can be used in many ways, and lately, educators have been using Twitter to enhance their professional development (PD) by sharing experiences and work in education-related chat groups. Various chat groups exist for the […]

17 Ways to Add Technology in the Classroom
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Incorporating Technology in the Classroom

To effectively incorporate technology into the classroom, this article from suggests that teachers make the technology secondary to the content.  They should use technological applications that complement the lessons they are teaching, rather than expending […]

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Teaching Strategies for Using iPads Grades K-2

Integrating technology with the classroom environment can kick start learning, but poses unique challenges in the youngest students. The kindergarten through second grade in particular need guidance to ensure that iPads facilitate education and don’t […]