woman sitting on a yoga ball
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I Love My Stability Ball!

It sometimes feels strange to say you love an object but the plain simple truth is I love my stability ball. I first purchased an exercise ball I because my physical therapist recommended it for stretching my back. I was having back pain and hip pain and I could not find the source of what was causing it. I don’t lift heavy things and although I work out I don’t do strenuous exercise so I just could not figure it out. […]

Gymnic Therapy Balls
Sensory Strategies

Toys That Stimulate Special Needs Children

For parents and caregivers of children with special needs, the quest for the right toys—those that are not only age-appropriate but also engaging and developmentally beneficial—can be a daunting task. Children with special needs, much like their peers, have an intrinsic desire to play, explore, and learn […]