Teachers Need More Flexibility, Autonomy and, Yes, Income

Teachers are ready to break out of their molds. Most school districts limit teachers creativity by giving a set guideline that they must follow in their classrooms and concentrate on performance testing. Teachers are more innovative than ever before and would like more flexibility and the ability to guide their classrooms they way they would like to. Teachers also are struggling to make ends meet through an inadequate salary. Many teachers are turning to programs such as Outlook to provide not only extra income but a way to express their fresh, new, ideas that often are not allowed in the constrains of a typical classroom.

Key Takeaways:

  • traditional school systems often limit the opportunities for teachers to grow, both financially and professionally.
  • Financially, there are very few options to improve our circumstances, aside from leaving the classroom to become an administrator or consultant.
  • Many teachers enter the profession not only because they love making an impact and working with children, but because they love their content area.

“Professionally, we are asked to follow scripted programs for our lessons and throw out creativity in favor of test prep. Class sizes are often larger than optimal, leaving teachers frustrated in their attempts to give all learners the attention they deserve.”

Read more: https://www.edsurge.com/news/2019-05-28-teachers-need-more-flexibility-autonomy-and-yes-income

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