Teaching Kids to Clean Up: 7 Ways to Make It Fun



Cleaning up doesn’t have to be an awful task. The key to getting kids to clean? Make it fun and easy to understand. By teaching your kids to clean up after themselves you’ll be giving them good habits that will last a lifetime. The following six tips will help you engage your kids and teach them to pick up after themselves.
Set the Timer
Cleaning can seem like a never ending task, but you’ll be amazed at what the kids can accomplish in just a few minutes. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes of dedicated “putting away” time, and watch them go! Or tell them to have a race to see who can clean up the fastest, and award them with TV time or a treat.
Get Prepared
Do your homework ahead of time and cleaning won’t be a battle. Make sure you have a dedicated storage unit, like Tampa FL self storage, or space for the toys. Label boxes, baskets and bins clearly. It will be easier for everyone to put things away if they know where the items go.
Reward Good Behavior
Set up a prize box or similar system and offer rewards for cleaning. Your rewards don’t have to be big— a sticker for a chart, a sparkly new pencil or a fun eraser for school are very inexpensive but a nice incentive for school-aged kids.

Start Early

Even toddlers can figure out (and will likely enjoy) sorting items and putting them away. Start early by building good cleaning and organizational habits, and it will make it easier to get the kids to clean up when they’re older.
Bury Treasure
Hide some coins (interesting ones like 50 cent pieces work well) around the house before you clean— and let your kids know that treasure awaits. As they clean, they’ll discover the prizes, if they’re doing it right. Gradually they will learn the habits of cleaning for when they are older.
Let Them Help
Moms have a tendency to be perfectionists. Don’t let your need to have things done perfectly interfere with cleanup time. A fun cleaning session can become a drag quickly if mom insists on refolding the towels or re-sorting the silverware.
Assign Jobs They Like
Each kids is different— if you have one that loves to mop the floor, then assign them to mop. By assigning tasks that are enjoyable instead of a chore, you’ll see better results. Sometimes you’ll have to give them the less fun chores, but give them the easy ones a times, too.
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