The Best Way to Improve Reading Comprehension


A genuine love of reading can confer great advantages in students, such as improved attention, imagination and knowledge. Reading requires people to create and maintain their own mental imagery of the story, and while this skill comes readily to some people, it is much more difficult for others. People who have trouble visualizing in association with what they are reading may feel like someone watching a movie with their eyes closed. Teaching better visualization skills can help cultivate a love of reading, and improve comprehension skills as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reading a book and watching a movie have one thing in common – imagery. Going to a movie with the eyes closed would be boring.
  • While reading, a good reader creates mental imagery that engages their imagination, spurs up their imagination, and drags them into the story’s virtual reality.
  • During her years of practice as a learning specialist and education therapist, the author has observed that bad readers get little to no mental imagery from reading.

“Research shows that reading exercises attention, exposes readers to new ideas, and improves knowledge, vocabulary, imagination, writing abilities, attention and memory.”

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