Themed Rugs Keep Your Kids Entertained and Learning

As you know from watching your children at play, they spend a lot of time on the floor. Why not stimulate their brains with a of the durable and versatile themed rugs and carpets?
Math can be made more fun with an Addition Rug. This rug is very comfy and equally as colorful. The rug has addition/subtraction tables that your child can follow with their finger and get the correct answer. Through practice, your child will absorb math and a love of numbers.
Safety is a big issue. Almost everything time you say “No” to your child, it is to keep him or her from doing something that will get them hurt. The 123 ABC Fire Safety Rug teaches your children something every child should learn as early as possible that is how to be safe in the event of a fire, including “Stop, Drop, and Roll”. The rug contains easy to remember and fun to say safety phrases and has a bright red fire engine emblazoned in the center.
A Tree For All Seasons Rug is a charming way to teach your child about the four seasons and what is special about each one. Your child will learn what makes each season different and how to identify the changing seasons as they are happening.
If you home school or you would like your child to have a greater grasp on his or her numbers, the Calendar Rug is a very handy way to do that. This carpet helps teach the days of the week, months of the year, as well as reinforcing number and letter recognition. This is a very interactive carpet that comes with 31 days and four holidays to arrange so the carpet can apply to the child’s schedule.
Your children can learn while they play, make the place they play a learning experience with this creative rugs and carpets.
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