Everyone knows that children love playing with balls, but did you know that therapy balls can actually help with your child’s physical development?
Therapy balls are used in different ways to assist muscle tone development, and body orientation for better balancing skills. Babies that have recently learned to sit up can strengthen their back muscles with the subtle shifting required to reach out for colorful therapy balls.
Older children who lack balance and muscle tone are helped by sitting on therapy balls. The constant muscle adjustment needed to keep the therapy balls in place actually helps the muscles strengthen, and teaches the body how to keep itself properly aligned.
The Sit-n-Gym Stability Ball is a therapy ball with small legs to provide a little extra stability. Children can become accustomed to the feel of the therapy ball while using the legs, and then turn the therapy ball on it’s side to receive the full benefits of muscular-skeletal strengthening.
Gymnic Physiorolls are staples in many physical therapy facilities across the country. The peanut shape limits the rolling movement to backwards and forwards while allowing the therapist work side by side with the patient. You can work side by side with your own child, or just let them have fun playing with these therapy balls on their own, knowing how good it is for their muscle coordination.
Therapy balls are wonderful toys to aid any child’s physical development.