There’s Nothing to Do!

With the colder days of winter fast upon us -and your kids stuck inside the house during inclement weather – you’ll be hearing “There’s nothing to do” even though they have a drawer full of video games, a computer, a television, bookcases full of books and numerous toys – what they might need is some imagination stimulation that will keep their minds creating and therefore keeping boredom at bay – try art.
Kids love to create. Whether it’s with clay you bought at the store or tried out your Mom’s old recipe for making flour based salt-clay-doh for the kiddos to play with, painting or other artistic endeavor – your kids will love to create. Why not make it even easier with a central place to do it in?
An art station makes a wonderful place for just one or even a small group of kids to gather around the table and create to their heart’s content. The KidKraft Art Table has has four storage compartments for art supplies and has a handsome natural finish.
Be prepared for those winter blues when they hit and have an activity ready for your kids. Give the kids a theme and let each one draw a specific thought or feeling – it is so interesting what each child will come up with. Add an art table to your child’s play area or bedroom – it will keep boredom at bay!
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