Using a tool created by Vivi, video-screening and screen-mirroring technology can play to a classroom without slowing a school’s wifi down or slowing down the process that students need to work. This technology allows sharing of device screens without endless hooking up of wires and saves time. This allows students to plug into their own devices, and allows the teacher to set up more quickly, instead of waiting for the computer to load. This program also allows the screen to freeze or to capture screenshots so that the teacher can keep working privately without disrupting her students or so that notes can be written on the screen.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sarah Gunn, the teacher for literature in St. Laurence’s College, Brisbane, faced a daunting task of playing two videos to her students without experiencing difficulties with the school wifi.
  • Wireless screen mirroring makes it possible for a device’s screen to be shared without cables. This has freed teachers from worrying about cable compatibility and dongles.
  • One of the advantages of wireless screen mirroring as provided by Vivi to the school is that it enhances fewer file uploads and fewer emails to send.

“Using wireless presentation tools by Vivi, an education-focused company founded in Australia, Gunn was able to mirror her tablet screen on the classroom screen and play YouTube clips directly through a hardwired receiver without slowing down the school’s wifi—or her students’ work.”

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