Three Things to Teach Your Kids to Keep Them Safe at Home


No matter what age your child is, it is extremely important to teach them various things that will keep them safe in their own home. Accidents happen every day that could have been prevented if the parents simply had a discussion with their child about what is safe, what is not safe, and what they can do to prevent dangerous situations from occurring. 
Children look up to their parents for guidance and to teach them important life lessons. By setting a good example and teaching them about safety, you’re doing the very best that you can do for your children. When going over the ins and outs of safety, ensure that your children are familiar with these three things that could potentially save their lives. 


It can’t be stressed enough that all children should receive swim lessons. This is especially recommended for those that have swimming pools in their very own backyard. Horror stories are shared all the time about how children have gotten out of their house without their parents knowing and have accidentally drowned in the pool. Even if you don’t have your own pool, kids are curious and can make their way into a neighbor’s yard to go exploring. Swim lessons will teach them the basics of staying afloat in water. While it is still necessary to have some sort of child safety gate leading to your swimming pool, simply knowing that your child is able to swim will provide you with the peace of mind to know that your child is safe.

Contacting Emergency Services 

All children should know what number to dial in the event of an emergency. If someone in the house is hurt or is trying to hurt them, let them know that it is okay to call 911. This service is there to help them and to keep them safe in dangerous situations. Explain that this number should only be used for real emergencies.

Answering the Door

In the times that we live in, you can never be too careful about who you interact with. Whether your child is home alone or you are there in the house with them, teach them that it is important to never answer the door for a stranger or someone that you do not recognize. While not everyone is bad, you can never be too safe with your children at home.
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