It’s Time to Look at Autism in a Whole New Way

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It’s time to look at Autism in a different way. Labels are a difficult thing to overcome in our society. Children with special needs are often marginalized before parents are even able to figure out which way to turn.

Are you aware of how talented and gifted kids with Autism really are?

There is a bias that has been created that if a child is autistic, or has down syndrome, or whatever the case may be, that the child is not able to function within the spectrum that doctors and educational specialists define as “normal.”

While in fact, these are the very children that we should be paying attention to on a daily basis. Yes, their worlds are different- they have a higher dependency on adults to help shape and mold their worlds- but they are not “dumb” or “stupid”. They are exceptional children with high test scores and abilities as well as high-levels of functioning.

It just may not be how society wants them to function. These children can succeed and will succeed in life, in their own ways. They just need that push to help them achieve goals and to be successful on their own terms.

Each child with their own exceptional set of unique skills could be the next visionary of our era if they have the encouragement and direction they need and deserve.

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