Baseball season is just days away. If you have a child that is a baseball fan, we have a great gift for your little one here at The Toddler’s Baseball Step Stool is a fabulous way to give your toddler the boost that they need. This sturdy, durable step stool will allow them to do the things that they want as they learn daily life skills. This personalized gift is a great way to give them a step up around the house.
The Toddler’s Baseball Step Stool is an all wood American made product. The wide base on this step stool prevents tipping. The legs are screwed together, as opposed to glued, which leads to a sturdy base. This personalized step stool will feature your child’s name, or you can choose to not have it personalized. This step stool is made with cherry wood.
The step stool is meant to be used by those who are 18 months or older. Right now this product is available at a great low sale price.