Toddler Toys: Getting them Ready for the Next Step

Many toys on the market look neat, but are they safe for toddlers. As they grow,  toddlers often grow out of infant toys quickly, which might lead to them feeling bored and restless. Why not get them toys that are meant specifically for their age group? Prevent boredom and promote safety among youngsters that are no longer infants but are too young for most regular children’s toys.

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Toddlers tend to love walking around, which means their previously adored infant toys are often left in the dust as they explore their options around the house. Keep them busy by allowing them to have fun while on the move. Little girls often love small shopping carts or strollers for their baby dolls that they can push around everywhere they go. The perfect solution is to allow them to fill a small cart with their top toys. The simple action of pushing the cart around can help them practice their balance while having fun and pretending they’re shopping like mom and dad.

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While your toddler might not be expected to learn the alphabet or how to count just yet, you can ensure that they learn the basics during playtime. There are lots of blocks and and other toys with letters and numbers on them, allowing your child to get acquainted with basic concepts. The same can be done with shapes. Placing shapes into the corresponding gaps of a box or stacking might not sound like fun for you, but for most toddlers, this challenge can provide hours of fun.

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Many toys even simply specialize in letting toddlers get to know different sounds and awareness of materials. Toddlers do not automatically know what buttons and zippers are or even how mirrors work. You can let them explore toys that teach them these concepts, or you can play with the toddler toys together to ensure they get the most out of them.

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Toddlers are more receptive to learning than many people think. This is often a good age to teach them basic concepts before enrolling them in preschool, and toddler toys can help. Of course, such toys can also keep them busy for hours at a time, especially once they have outgrown infant toys. Don’t let them miss out on fun just because they are not old enough for many toys. Just focus on getting them some that are appropriate for their age group, which should be easy given the variety available.

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